A pata pelada means barefoot. Descalzo is the correct term;
Bañazo is an embarrassing situation;
Cáscara means shameless. ¡Qué cáscara! What nerve!;
Chingo/a or chingoleto/a nude or without clothing. Como dios lo trajo al mundo is another way to say naked.;
Echarle cabeza a is to think about something;
Improvisado/a an amateur bullfighter;
Irse de a colado is to crash a party or event;
Levantín means to be hurled into the air by a bull;
Nadie me quita lo bailado means that nobody can take away the experiences you have had during your lifetime;
Rajado/a means awesome in Costa Rican slang;
Sacar la casta to be chesty or proud;
Se me fue arriba is to beat someone to the pinch or act first;
La tafies is slang for fiesta (party);
Tener espuela is to have experience;
Yeguada is a display of stupid behavior;

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Learning the idiomatic expressions of another language will be a guide to understanding the humor and character of that culture. In case you don’t know, idiomatic expressions are common words or phrases used in place of direct speech. The individual words within the phrases don't correlate with their meaning. Each language has idiomatic phrases peculiar to it, making translations difficult for non-native speakers. Idioms can change within a single language, across borders or regionally within one country.