Daily Archives: February 5, 2018


A pata pelada is barefoot
Chapuzón is a swim or a dip in the water
Espuela is to be experienced, especially in the field of love.
Estar solo is to be in a class of its own
Estrilar is to complain
Gringolandía is slang for the United States
Huevonada is to do something stupid (vulgar)
Improvisado is a type of informal bull fighter who runs around taunting bulls and then has to dodge or run from them.
La peri is the highway that almost encircles the heart of San José.
Levantín is when a bullfighter (improvisado) is picked up and thrown by a bull.
Pelliscar un vidrio is to be a cheapskate or tight-fisted.
Peluditos is the slang for dogs in Costa Rica. Gua-gua is also used for dog.
Sacar la casta is to be chesty or arrogant.
Se le fue arriba is to beat someone to something or beat them to the punch
Yeguada is a stupid act. Babosada is a synonym.

‘Business could be better-how about you?’