Blind Man’s Bluff

  • As blind as a bat – más ciego que un topo (mole)
  • Blind alley – callejón sin salida
  • Blind corner – curva or esquina sin visibilidad
  • Blind date – cita a ciegas
  • Blind guess – una respuesta al azar
  • Blind carbon copy – copia oculta
  • Blind man’s bluff – gallina ciega
  • Blind person – ciego or invidente
  • Blinded by jealousy – cegado por los celos
  • Blindfold – venda para los ojos
  • Blinders – anteojos de caballo
  • Blind spot – punto ciego or ángulo muerto
  • Blinds (Venetian) – persianas
  • Color blind – daltónico
  • Snow blind – cegado por la nieve


The best of the best

  • Canícula – a dry period in the weather during the month of August
  • Chotas – ridicule
  • Chucear – to give someone an electric shock
  • Corrongo – nice or good
  • Cumiche – the youngest child
  • Liquidar – to liquidate or kill someone
  • Pasar la tijera – to cut a budget like governments or businesses do. Recortar is the verb.
  • Pelotearse – to gather with friends
  • Piñazo – a violent blow or collision
  • Prosti – short for prostitute
  • Puris – short for the mountain town of Puriscal
  • Quedar hecho una melcocha – twisted metal like in a bad car accident
  • Recetar – to scold some one or sell drugs
  • Sacarle la tarjeta roja – to expel a player from a soccer game, to fire someone or end a relationship.
  • Salirle el sapo a alguien – to put your foot in your mouth. Meter la pata is also used to express the same idea.
  • Soltar el pico – to talk or spill the beans
  • La tapa del perol – the best of the best
  • Un todoterreno – literally a 4-wheel drive vehicle but figuratively a versatile person.


Hands up!

  • A manos llenas – by the handful
  • Agarrar con las manos en la masa – to catch red-handed
  • Levantarle la mano a alguien – to hit someone
  • ¡Arriba las manos! Hands up!
  • Dar la mano – to shake hands
  • Dar una mano – to help someone
  • De segunda mano – second hand (a car or information)
  • Estar a mano – to be even (you don’t owe anything)
  • Estar en sus manos – it is up to you or in your hands
  • Hecho a mano – hand–made
  • Llegar a mis manos – to get one’s hands on
  • Mano derecha – right–hand man (helper)
  • ¡Manos a la obra¡ – Let’s get to work!
  • Morir a manos de – to die at the hands of
  • Mano de cartas – a hand of cards
  • ¡Manos quietas! – Hands off!
  • Robo a mano armada – armed robbery
  • Se le fue la mano – to get carried away or have your hand slip
  • Tener buena mano – to be good at something
  • Tener las manos largas – to have sticky fingers (to steal)
  • Untar la mano – to grease someone’s palm or bribe them


To laugh all the way to the bank

  • Andar un ojo al cristo – to be careful
  • Buscar pelos en la sopa – to nitpick
  • Comer en olla grande – to have an overweight girlfriend or wife
  • Día del tata – Father’s Day. Actually the correct term is el día del padre.
  • Fumigar –literally means to fumigate but can also mean to end a relationship or murder someone.
  • Hacerle cabeza a – to think. The verb pensar is the most widely verb used when saying “to think.”
  • Melos – slang for gemelos which means twins.
  • Nachas – buttocks. Careful! This term sounds like the Mexican food nachos
  • Pato de la fiesta or el hazmereir – a person who is the laughingstock
  • Ser todo un pegue – to be a success or hit
  • Ser una pipa – to be very intelligent
  • Vivir cagado de risa – to laugh all the way to the bank
  • Volar rueda – to drive a vehicle


Give me a break!

The word break has many translations in Spanish. Here are some of the misty common ones.

  • Al amanecer – at daybreak
  • Amortiguar – to break or cushion a fall
  • Arruinar – to go broke
  • Batir – to break a sport’s record
  • Cambiar – to break or change a bill ($)
  • Colapso nervioso – a nervous breakdown
  • Cubrir los gastos – to break even
  • Dar una oportunidad – to give someone a break or chance
  • ¡Déjame respirar ! – Give me a break!
  • Descanso – a break (rest)
  • Descomponerse – to break down, like a car or an appliance.
  • Domar – to break in a horse
  • Fractura – a break or fracture like a bone
  • Fugarse – a jail break or an escape
  • Golpe de suerte – a lucky break
  • Punto de ruptura – breaking point
  • Romper or quebrar – to break something.
  • Romper el hielo – to break the ice (figurative)
  • Romper filas – to break ranks or fall out
  • Romper lazos – to break ties with someone or something
  • Vacaciones – a break like summer break, spring break, etcetera
  • Violar – to break the law

There are countless more meanings and uses of “break” in Spanish.

TiquismoRomperle la madre a alguien – to kick someone’s ass