A pata pelada is barefoot
Chapuzón is a swim or a dip in the water
Espuela is to be experienced, especially in the field of love.
Estar solo is to be in a class of its own
Estrilar is to complain
Gringolandía is slang for the United States
Huevonada is to do something stupid (vulgar)
Improvisado is a type of informal bull fighter who runs around taunting bulls and then has to dodge or run from them.
La peri is the highway that almost encircles the heart of San José.
Levantín is when a bullfighter (improvisado) is picked up and thrown by a bull.
Pelliscar un vidrio is to be a cheapskate or tight-fisted.
Peluditos is the slang for dogs in Costa Rica. Gua-gua is also used for dog.
Sacar la casta is to be chesty or arrogant.
Se le fue arriba is to beat someone to something or beat them to the punch
Yeguada is a stupid act. Babosada is a synonym.

‘Business could be better-how about you?’


A pata pelada means barefoot. Descalzo is the correct term;
Bañazo is an embarrassing situation;
Cáscara means shameless. ¡Qué cáscara! What nerve!;
Chingo/a or chingoleto/a nude or without clothing. Como dios lo trajo al mundo is another way to say naked.;
Echarle cabeza a is to think about something;
Improvisado/a an amateur bullfighter;
Irse de a colado is to crash a party or event;
Levantín means to be hurled into the air by a bull;
Nadie me quita lo bailado means that nobody can take away the experiences you have had during your lifetime;
Rajado/a means awesome in Costa Rican slang;
Sacar la casta to be chesty or proud;
Se me fue arriba is to beat someone to the pinch or act first;
La tafies is slang for fiesta (party);
Tener espuela is to have experience;
Yeguada is a display of stupid behavior;

Anger and more sayings

Coleman means a lot of anger or rage.
Desnucarse is break one’s neck.
Enroscarse is to go to bed but literally means to curl up.
Frito literally means fried but can also means to be in a bad way or situation.
Gajo is a piece of junk
Garrotera is to lend money at usurious rates.
Guindo is a bluff, cliff or drop-off.
Hacer bisnes is to do business and often has a negative connotation.
Meter el hombro means to help someone. Dar una mano (give a hand) is also used here.
Ponerle bonito is to make a big effort to do something.
Regar veneno is to show off.
Ser una pipa is to be very smart of intelligent.
Tomatinga is a drunken spree. Borrachera is also used.
Zafarrancho can mean a mess, havoc or caos.

A person with big feet

Amarraperros is someone who does not pay a debt
Bochinche – a fight
Camisa de madera is slang for a coffin
Despapayar means to destroy in Costa Rica. Destrozar or destruir are the correct words for destroy.
Doctor or recetador is a drug dealer in a figurative sense. Doctor actually means doctor in English
Destapa el tamal is to reveal something like corruption
Empunchado/a is a person who works hard.
Estar hasta la mecha de algo is to be fed up with or tired of someone. Estar hasta el copete is also used.
Gallina is a coward or a chicken.
Iluminar el bombillo is to get a brilliant idea.
Irse en todas is to screw up everything
Justiciar or ultimar both mean to kill someone
Llena is a flood. The correct worden flood is inundación.
Lloverle duro is to be be hard on someone. Tirarle duro means the same thing.
Patudo/a is a person who has big feet
Pichinga is a receptacle for carrying liquids
Raspar la olla is scraping money together to pay for something
Roco/a or rocola is an old person (disparaging term)

To be naked

Cambiar la marcha – Literally means to change gears when driving a car but it also means to change the subject in a conversation.
Chingoleta – naked
Cholladao/a – a seamless person
Coligallero/a or torero/a – person who prospects or searches for gold
Dejar el ombligo – Literally means to leave your belly button. But here this term refers to the place where someone is born.
Estar hasta el copete – to be fed up with something
Estirar la pata – slang for to die.
Fajarse – to make a big effort
Guato, peludo or zaguate – all mean dog in Costa Rica. The correct word for dog is perro.
Pedirle la lupa a alguien – to request that someone get fired from a job.
Piña – Literally means pineapple but here it is a car’s axle, also.
Quedar como un ajo – to be clean
Sopapos – blows or hits
Tragar grueso – to be difficult
Tucas – legs
Ventanear – to window shop
Yuyo – a person who is a pest but can also denotes a germ