Shut up!


A pedir de boca – Just what the doctor ordered or perfect
Andar en la boca de todos – To be the talk of the town
Boca abajo – Face down
Boca arriba – Face up
Boca del estómago – The pit of one’s stomach
Boca del río – The mouth of a river
Bocado – A snack or mouthfull
Bocón – A person with a big mouth (who talks a lot and or can’t keep secrets). Lengua larga or lengua de trapo mean the same thing.
Boquilla – The mouthpiece of an instrument or a nozzle
¡Cállate la boca! – Shut up!
En bocas cerradas no entran moscas – Best to keep your mouth shut
Las malas lenguas – Gossip
¡Muérdete la lengua _ Shut up!
Para hablar y comer pescado, hay que tener mucho cuidado – To be careful what one says.
Por la boca muere el pez – Best to keep your mouth shut
Se me hace la boca agua – To make one’s mouth water. Also se me hace agua la boca
Trompudo – Person with a big mouth (literally)

TiquismoComo para chuparse los dedos – Finger licking good.

To live “High on the Hog”

Comer en olla grande – To be living high on the hog
Coronadeño – A person who lives in the town of Coronado
Entrar con los tacos de frente – To confront something head on
Hatillense – A person who lives in the Hatillo neighborhood of San José
Irse de pollo or irse de mae – To be made a fool of
Melos – Short for gemelos which means twins
Meneca – A beautiful woman
El pato de la fiesta – Laughing stock. El hazmereír means the same thing
Pura carnita – Said when something is very good
Sapri – Short for the soccer team Saprissa
Se le volteó la tortilla – The situation got reversed
La Sombra – Jail
Sopapo – A blow as the result of being hit
Volar ojo – To watch or take care of something
Volar rueda – To drive a car


Sudar tocacos

  • Ser carga – to be very good at something or be very good in general
  • La doña de los frescos – rain
  • Mucho rín rín y nada de helados – all talk and no show
  • Ni lerdo ni perezoso – a person who acts fast without hesitation
  • Ninis – refers to young adults who do not study or work
  • Peluquear – to cut hair
  • Las pompis – a woman’s real end or butt
  • La refo – is la Reforma or Costa Rica’s main prison in Alajuela. La peni is also used in slang for penitentiary.
  • Sacar colmillo – to show off one’s talent
  • Sudar tocacos – to swear a lot
  • Tener la papa en la mano – to have things going your way
  • Las teresas – a woman’s breasts
  • Verolís – a flower that sprouts among sugarcane. This usually happens around December and indicates that it is time to harvest the crop.


More American Football Jargon

'Excuse me, coach - but are we the hugs or the kisses?'

  • Ave María – A Hail Mary pass is a very long forward pass in American football, made in desperation with only a small chance of success, especially at or near the end of a half.
  • Bloqueador – Blocker
  • Bolsa – The quaterback’s protective pocket
  • Bomba – A long pass
  • Castigo por ser muy rudo – Unnecessary roughness
  • Dos minutos por jugar – Two minutes to play or the two minute warning at the end of each half of the game
  • Jugador completo – An all-around football player
  • Máximo avance – The forward progress of a play
  • Ponerse cara de inocente – To try and look innocent after committing an infraction
  • Ranura – The slot where a receiver lines upç
  • Regreso de patada – Kick off return
  • Romper el plano imaginario – Beak the imaginary goal line plane when scoring a touchdown
  • Ruta cruzada – A crossing route run by a receiver
  • Sacar de ritmo – Disrupt a team’s timing
  • Tacleador – tackler
  • Tres y fuera – Three and out is used when a team fails to gain a first down in three attempts.

More American Football Terms in Spanish

A few years ago I compiled a long list of American football vocabulary in Spanish for those who have to watch the games in Spanish.  Just do a search and the article will appear.
totti american football
While watching a game yesterday I came up with a whole new list of terms which I will share with you.
  • Balón suelto – fumble
  • Casco – helmet
  • Castigo – penaltly
  • Cuatro para afuera – four downs and out
  • Darle vuelta al partido – to turn around a game
  • Defensa or defensiva – defense
  • Dos puntos – a safety
  • Estar abajo – to be losing or down in the game
  • Estar arriba – to be winning or on top
  • Estar con la espalda contra la pared – to have one’s back against the wall  or be pinned down near the goal line.
  • Exprimir or odeñar el reloj – to milk the clock
  • Fuera de posición – off sides
  • Formación escopeta – shot gun formation
  • Hombrera – shoulder pad
  • Jugada de pizarrón – a picture perfect play
  • Jugada engaño – a track play
  • Pantalla – screen pass
  • La pausa de los dos minutos – two minute warning
  • El máximo avance – forward progress on a running play
  • Partido apretado or cerrado – a tight or close game
  • Pase bala – bullet pass
  • Pase completo – completed pass
  • Pase corto – short pass
  • Pase de anotación – scoring pass
  • Pase incompleto – incomplete pass
  • Pase largo – long pass
  • Ponerse arriba – to go ahead or take the lead in the game
  • Por aire – through the air (passing)
  • Por tierra – on the ground (running the ball)
  • Postemporada – post season
  • Pretemporada – preseason
  • Ofensiva – offense
  • Partido de infarto – a nail biter
  • Partidazo – a great game
  • Sujetando – holding
  • Tiempo fuera – time out
  • Tocando a la puerta – to be knocking at the door or in position to score