To make a face at someone

Boronas – bread crumbs. The correct words are migas or migajas.
Carebarro – a shameless person. Sin vergüenza or descarado are more correct terms.
Carne de tabo – a person who is in jail
Estar como hormiga en popi – means to be happy. Feliz como lombriz also means very happy in tico talk.
Gomón – a bad hangover
Un Güilón – a beautiful young woman
Hasta el copete – means to fed up with someone or something. Estar harto/a de is more correct.
Irse de pollo – means to be made a fool of. The expression, agarrar de mae means the same
Jalarse un enjache – to make a face at someone. Enjachar and hacer una cara are also used
Pandillero/a – motorcyclists who dress like the Hells Angels. Looks can be deceiving since these guys are harmless here.
Pechonalidad – sounds la personalidad which means personality. Pechonalidad is word play using the word pecho which means a person’s chest. However in this case it refers to a woman’s large breasts.
Se la tira rico – means to live the good life
Toparse a bocajarro con alguien – means to bump or run into someone, Darse con is more correct.
Tufo – a bad odor


Onion People

Batir lodo – off-road vehicle activity
Cantar – to squeal on someone. This verb literally means to sing.
Compita – a buddy or pal. Same as compañero
Chapa – a dumb person
¿Cómo está el arroz? – means the same as ¿Cómo está?
Echar patas – Literally means to sprout feet but used when something disappears as a result of theft.
Empuncharse – to make a big effort. Esforzarse means the same thing.
En un dos por tres – quickly
Estar con el moco caído – to be down or depressed
Estar full or estar fuleado – to be full. Estar lleno is more correct.
Llenazo – an event that is packed with people
Pase – bus fare
Paveño – a person who livesin the San José suburb of Pavas
Policletos – police on bicycles
Por si moscas – just in case. Por si acaso is a synonym
Pura gozadera – enjoyment of fun
Puris – short for the mountain town of Puriscal
Sataneño or cebollero – a person from the town of Santa Ana. The latter is a nickname which means “onion people.”
Socollón – an earthquake


Costa Rican drug terms

The legalization of drugs is a hot topic in the U.S.and many Latin American countries. Costa Rican newspapers frequently run stories about drug busts and occasional articles on making marijuana legal for medical purpose.

Interestingly, a dictionary with thirty-two thousand drug terms will be published next year in Mexico. So, the vocabulary below is just the tip of the iceberg.

  • Allanamiento – a drug raid
  • Andar hasta las narices – one of the million ways of saying that one is drunk or stoned in Spanish
  • Boleta – paper used for rolling marijuana cigarette
  • Búnker – a fortified structure where drugs are sold on a small scale
  • Desarticular una banda – to break up a drug ring
  • Desintoxicación – withdrawl from drugs
  • Garrotazo – This word literally means a blow with a club (garrote). In slang to have to pay a large bill or a lot of money.
  • Hierba – this word literally means grass but is also marijuana
  • Loquera – craziness. The correct Spanish word is locura.
  • Maricucha – marijuana
  • Marijuana hidropónica – marijuana which is grown in water to increase the potency. Lately, this term has appeared in local newspapers since the police have raided several homes where pot is grown this way.
  • Mota – marijuana
  • Mula – literally means mule but can refer to a four by four vehicle, a large woman (insulting) or a drug courier.
  • Nacrcomenudeo – small time drug dealing
  • Narguila – a water pipe
  • Operativo – a police operation
  • Pegarse un pericazo – to snort cocaine
  • Perico – slang for cocaine
  • Picadura – loose marijuana
  • Piedra – crack cocaine
  • Puro – a marijuana cigarette
  • Marijuana medicinal – medical marijuana
  • Marijuana recreativa – recreational marijuana
  • Queso – literally means cheese but is slang for cocaine
  • (una) Sobredosis – an overdose
  • Tócola – the butt of a marijuana cigarette. La colilla is the correct word.
  • Tostado/a – stoned on pot
  • Trabado/a – to be so drunk or stoned that you cannot open your mouth
  • Vaporizador – vaporizer or a device used to smoke marijuana


To use Whatsapp

  • Andar parado de uñas – to be angry
  • Asaltacunas – a cradle robber (a person who has a relationship with someone who is youger)
  • Carribarro – a shameless person. Sinvergüenza is also used
  • Checo – nickname for the name Sergio
  • Chente – nickname for Vicente
  • Botado – someone who is a big spender
  • Botarse – to spend a lot of money
  • Coronadeño – a person form the town of Coronado. The people from there are also called lecheros
  • Edu – short for the name Eduardo
  • Guglear – to use Google
  • Hacer chotas – to make fun of
  • Irse de pollo – to do something stupid
  • Isidreño or pezeteño – anyone who lives in San Isidro de General
  • Jugar de muy galleta – to act like smart ass. Jugar de vivo means the same thing
  • Llevar el susto de su vida – the scare of one’s life
  • Libre de polvo y paja – net earnings
  • Mandar al otro lado – to kill someone
  • Motelear – to go to a love motel with the purpose of having sex
  • Pelo de gato – drizzle
  • Robanaves – a car thief
  • Ser buen ride – to be good
  • Ser quitado para – not wanting to take part in an activity
  • Tufo – a bad odor
  • Vivir en carne propia – to experience something in the flesh
  • Volver a nacer – to have a close call with death
  • Wasapear – to use the application whatsapp


To be in bad shape

A lo chancho chingo – irresponsible
Acostar – to kill. This verb really means to put someone to bed.
Carne molida – a bad job or work
Choco bola or la pecosa – slang for a soccer ball
Chuzazos – pin pricks
Darse mano de gato – a quick cleaning or make over.
Desgalillar – to shout
El or la güila – child
La doña or señora de los frescos – slang for rain
Lunada – a night time celebration
Me extra – it surprises me. Comes from me extraña.
Mingo – slang for the town of Santo Domingo
Pepino – slang for a goal in soccer
Quedar pal’ tigre – to be in bad shape
Recetador – drug dealer. This term literally means a person who prescribes medicine.
Ver con mala cara – to disapprove. Ver con malos ojos is also used.