Anger and more sayings

Coleman means a lot of anger or rage.
Desnucarse is break one’s neck.
Enroscarse is to go to bed but literally means to curl up.
Frito literally means fried but can also means to be in a bad way or situation.
Gajo is a piece of junk
Garrotera is to lend money at usurious rates.
Guindo is a bluff, cliff or drop-off.
Hacer bisnes is to do business and often has a negative connotation.
Meter el hombro means to help someone. Dar una mano (give a hand) is also used here.
Ponerle bonito is to make a big effort to do something.
Regar veneno is to show off.
Ser una pipa is to be very smart of intelligent.
Tomatinga is a drunken spree. Borrachera is also used.
Zafarrancho can mean a mess, havoc or caos.

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Learning the idiomatic expressions of another language will be a guide to understanding the humor and character of that culture. In case you don’t know, idiomatic expressions are common words or phrases used in place of direct speech. The individual words within the phrases don't correlate with their meaning. Each language has idiomatic phrases peculiar to it, making translations difficult for non-native speakers. Idioms can change within a single language, across borders or regionally within one country.