Monthly Archives: January 2018


A pata pelada means barefoot. Descalzo is the correct term;
Bañazo is an embarrassing situation;
Cáscara means shameless. ¡Qué cáscara! What nerve!;
Chingo/a or chingoleto/a nude or without clothing. Como dios lo trajo al mundo is another way to say naked.;
Echarle cabeza a is to think about something;
Improvisado/a an amateur bullfighter;
Irse de a colado is to crash a party or event;
Levantín means to be hurled into the air by a bull;
Nadie me quita lo bailado means that nobody can take away the experiences you have had during your lifetime;
Rajado/a means awesome in Costa Rican slang;
Sacar la casta to be chesty or proud;
Se me fue arriba is to beat someone to the pinch or act first;
La tafies is slang for fiesta (party);
Tener espuela is to have experience;
Yeguada is a display of stupid behavior;