Tiquismos — Costa Rican Street Spanish

We have included this list of frequently used tiquismos (colloquial expressions) and Pachuquísmos which is a type of street dialect. The latter can be very vulgar and offensive. Some of the expressions should not be used. You will not be able to find many of these words in your standard Spanish dictionary. If you do locate any of them, they probably will not be used in the same context as in Costa Rica. Just be aware that they exist. By studying them you can better understand the native speaker.


Abrirse – To leave or to go.
Achantado – Disappointed.
Achantarse – To be lazy or not feel like doing anything.
Achará – To be a pity.
A culo pelado – Nude, naked
Aflojar – To pay.
Agachado – Un motivated
Agarrado – A stingy or cheap person.
Agarrar cancha – To take advantage of someone or gain experience.
Agarrar de chanco – To pull a person’s leg or fool someone.
Agarrar de maje – Make a fool of someone.
Agarrar de mona – To pull someone’s leg (figurative).
Agarrar el mensaje – To get the hint or idea.
Agarrarse – To get into a fight.
Agarrarla toda – To have good luck or success.
Agarrar volados – To learn.
Agazapado – Hypocrite
Agringado – To have customs and manners like a gringo.
Aguado – Boring.
Agüevado – Depressed or bored.
Agüizote – Bad luck.
Agúevarse – To become bored.
Ahorcarse – To get married.
Ahí nos vidrios – See you later.
A la par – Next to.
Al bate – To not understand something.
Al tiro – Immediately.
Al trole – On foot.
Alborotado – Sexually excited.
Alborotar el panal – Stir up things or make trouble.
Alboroto – Uproar.
¿Al chile? – Seriously?
Al despiste – Discretely.
Alimentar las pulgas – To sleep.
Algo es algo, pero son nalgas – Something is better than nothing (vulgar).
Amarrar el perro – Not to pay a debt.
Amarrarse la enaguas – Act tough or impose authority (woman).
Amarrarse los pantalones – Act tough or impose authority (man).
Amarrar el perro – To pay less than one should.
Amansar la mula – To get married.
Amarrarse la gorda – To cause an uproar or start a fight.
A mecate corto – On a short leash or curtail someone’s freedom.
A medias – To share the cost or go” fifty
A medio palo – To do something halfway.
A puro gúevo – By force.
Andar cagado – To have a lot of money (vulgar).
Andar cargado – To have a lot of money.
Andar con alguien – To date someone.
Andar hasta el culo – To be drunk (vulgar).
Andar miado – To have bad luck.
Añejo – An unkempt or dirty person.
Animalada – An act caused by bad manners.
Apagado – Listless person
A pata – On foot.
Apenado – Embarrassed.
Aperezado – Lazy.
Aplancharse a alguien – To have sex with someone (vulgar).
Apiar a alguien – To knock some down.
Apretar – To kiss someone with passion.
Apuntarse – To participate.
Apurado – To be in a hurry.
A puro güevo – No other choice.
Argolla – A “click” or select group of people.
Armarse la gorda – To start a fight.
Armar un molote – To raise an uproar or cause a scene.
Arrancado – To be mad or angry.
Arrastrada – Woman of the streets.
Arratonarse – Suffer a muscular cramp.
Arriar – To hit someone.
Aterro – A large amount.
Arrimado – To live off someone.
A toda madre – Something that is good.
Atollarse – To get dirty.
Atracador – A person who charges too much.
Atracar – To charge too much.
Atravesado – Crazy.
Aventar – To rob.
Aventón – To hitch a ride.
Avispado – Sharp or intelligent.
Avivarse – To be up to date or on top of things.
Ayote – Stupid.


Babosada – Stupidity.
Baboso – Stupid
Bajarle el piso a alguien – To steal a person’s job.
Bajarle los humos a alguien – To discourage someone.
Banano – Male sexual organ (vulgar).
Bandido – An astute person or rascal.
Barra – A group or gang of young people.
Barrer con todo – To take it all.
Bajarse los humos – To become disappointed.
Batazo – A guess.
Bateador – Someone who guesses.
Batear – To guess at something.
Batir barro – To take an off
Beneficio – A plant where coffee grains are processed.
Berrinche – A temper tantrum.
Bestia – A stupid person (insult).
Birra – Beer
Birrear – To drink beer.
Blanco – A cigarette
Boca – An appetizer.
Bochinche – A fight.
Bochinchero – A fighter.
Bolas – Testicles (vulgar).
Bomba – A strong mixture of liquor or type of rhyme.
Bombazo – A strong alcoholic drink.
Bombearse – To get drunk or bombed.
Bombeta – A firecracker.
Bombón – An attractive woman.
Borona – A crumb.
Botarse – To be generous.
Bostezo – A boring person
Botar el rancho – To vomit
Bote – Jail
Brete – Work
Breteador – Hard working.
Brochazo – Praise.
Buchón – Someone who likes to “hog” things.
Buenas – Good morning, good afternoon.
Buena hablada – A good talker.
Buena nota – A nice or cool person or thing.
Bulto – A child’s book bag.
Burrada – A stupid act.


Caballada – A stupid act.
Caballos – Pants.
Cabra – Woman, girlfriend (disrespectful).
Cabreado – Mad.
Cabrearse – To become mad.
Cabrón – A man (vulgar).
Cachetón – Fat.
Cachos – Shoes
Caer – To visit someone.
Caerle la peseta – To understand something.
Caer en la pura picha – To dislike someone (very vulgar).
Cagadera – Diarrhea (vulgar).
Cagarse de risa – To laugh a lot (vulgar).
Cagarse en algo – To spoil something (vulgar).
Cagarse en alguien – To do something bad to someone (vulgar).
Cagarse en la gran puta – To spoil something (very vulgar).
Cagarse en la leche – To ruin something (very vulgar).
Camanance – Dimple.
Camarón – A type of odd job.
Camaroneando – To work odd jobs.
Cambiarle el agua al pajarito – To urinate (vulgar).
Camisa de once varas – A bad situation.
Camote – An odd or strange person.
Campo – Room or space.
Cantar la gallina – The woman rules the house.
Cantar sin guitarra – To give oneself away.
Cañas – Slang for Costa Rican money instead of saying colones.
Capearse – To escape or dodge something.
Carajada – Any thing or object.
Carajo – Person
Carajillo – Child
Carambada – A thing.
Carambolar – To beat up someone.
Carbonear – To incite another person to do something.
Carbonero – A person who incites others.
Caribarro – A shameless person.
Caer – To visit.
Caripicha – Penis face (very insulting).
Caripichel – Penis face (very insulting).
Carnavalear – To have a good time.
Cartucho – Slang for the Costa Rican city of Cartago.
Cascarudo – A nervy person.
Cerrar el chinamo – To finish what you are doing and leave.
Cerrar el paraguas – To die.
Cerote – An obnoxious person (vulgar).
Cien metros – One block
Cien varas – One block.
Clavar el pico – To fall asleep.
Clavear – To protest.
Clavo – A problem.
Coco – A head or shaved head.
Cohete – A pistol.
Colado – A person who is not invited.
Colgar los tacos – To retire.
Colgar los tenis – To die
Colocho – Curl (hair).
Color – Shame
Comerle a alguien – To talk bad about a person.
Como alma que lleva el diablo – Do something fast.
¿Cómo amaneció? – Good morning! How do you feel this morning? This expression is used to greet people only in the morning.
Como entierro de pobre – To do something fast
¿Cómo está el arroz? – How is the situation?
Compa – Friend.
Componerse – Change ones attitude or ways for the better.
Con el moco caído – To be sad.
Con toda la pata – Great, fantastic.
Conchada – A gross act.
Concho – A gross person.
Condenado – A smart person or rascal.
Con toda la pata – Perfect.
Copo – Snow cone
Correrse las tejas – To go crazy.
Cortarle el rabo – To fire someone from a job.
Coscorrón – To hit some on the head with your knuckles.
Costroso – A dirty person.
Cotorra – A person who talks a lot.
Creerse doña toda – To be conceited.
Creerse la mamá de Trazan – To be conceited.
Cuatro ojos – A person with glasses.
Cuadrar – To like something.
Cuentear – To gossip or spread false rumors
Cuentero – A liar or gossip
Cuero – A woman with a bad reputation (vulgar).
Culiar – To have sex (vulgar).
Cuita – Excrement (vulgar).
Cuitear – To defecate (vulgar).
Culantro – Butt, rear end or woman (vulgar).
Culiolo – A male homosexual (vulgar)
Culo de tres nalgas – A conceited woman.
Culo pelado – Nude (vulgar).


Chances – Lottery.
Chancho – A person who acts like a pig or has bad table manners.
Chante – House.
Chapa – A coin or stupid person.
Chapear – To cut grass or brush.
Chapulín – A juvenile delinquent, gang member or tractor.
Charral – A field covered with brush.
Chavalo – Boy
Chavala – Girl
Chele – A person with white skin.
Chepear – To snoop.
Chepe – Slang for the city of San José or a snoopy person.
Chepito – A snoopy person.
Chicha – Anger or an alcoholic beverage made from fermented corn.
Chicha – Also means angry.
Chichero – A common alcoholic.
Chichí – A baby
Chiflado – Crazy.
Chile – A joke
Chinamo – A type of booth or stand usually found on the street
Chinear – To spoil or “baby” someone.
Chinga – A cigarette butt.
Chingar – Causing harm
Chingo – Nude.
Chiripa – Coincidence or fluke.
Chispa – An intelligent person.
Chiva – Excellent
Chivo – A man who is supported by a woman.
Cholo – A person with dark skin…
Chonete – A type of hat.
Chopo – A pistol
Choricear – To do illegal business or fence objects.
Choricero – A person who does illegal business
Chorizo – An illegal business, scam or corruption.
Chorreados – A type of pancake.
Choza – House
Chozón – A big home.
Chuica – A rag or old clothes.
Chulear – To leach off someone or swindle.
Chulo – A person who lives off others.
Chumeco – A person with dark skin.
Chunche – Any thing or object.
Chupahuevos – An ass kisser or servile person (vulgar)
Chuzo – Car


Dar atole con el dedo – To sting someone along.
Dar bola – To flirt or pay attention to someone.
Dar la talla – To do a good job.
Dar pelota – To flirt or pay attention to someone.
Dar vuelta – To be unfaithful to one’s mate.
Darle vueltas a un asunto – To toss around an idea.
De buenas a primeras – Immediately.
De cabo a rabo – From beginning to end.
De feria – On top of that.
De los once mil diablos – Big.
De película – Excellent.
De por sí – Anyway.
De un pronto u otro – Suddenly.
De viaje – All at once.
Dejado – A person with an untidy appearance.
Dejar botado a alguien – To stand someone up.
Dejar como novia del pueblo – Means the same thing as dejar plantado.
Dejar el tren – To become an old maid.
Dejar plantado – To stand someone up.
Dejémonos de vainas – Seriously
Desmadre – Total chaos.
Despabilarse – To be on top of things.
Despelote – A mess.
Despiche – A mess but also can mean a “good time” or “fun.” Can also mean a mess or disaster.
Detrás del palo – To not understand something.
¿Diay? – What can be done about it?
¡Dios guarde! – God forbid!
Dolor de culo – A pain in the butt or neck (vulgar).
Dolor de huevos – A pain in the balls or neck (vulgar).
Doña – Wife.


Echado – Lazy.
Echar al agua – To tell on someone. The verbs delatar, soplar or cantar are also used.
Echar el caballo – Try to say nice things to seduce someone.
Echar el cuento – Try to say nice things to seduce someone.
Echar el ruco – Try to say nice things to seduce someone.
Echarse flores – To praise oneself.
Echarse la soga al cuello – To get married.
Echarse un pedo – To flatulent (vulgar).
Echar un lance – To conquer a woman.
El güevo – A lot of money.
Embarcar – To put someone in a jam involve them in something.
En dos patadas – In a jiffy.
En dos taconazos – In a jiffy.
En un dos por tres – Quickly.
Enchorpar – To put in jail.
Enculado – In love (vulgar).
Enfiebrado – Enthused.
Enganche – Influence.
Engomado – To have a hangover.
Enjaranarse – To go into debt.
Ennoviado – To have a boyfriend or girlfriend.
Entrar con toda la valija – To be deceived by someone.
En puta – A lot of something (vulgar).
Espantoso – An ugly person or thing.
Está legal – It’s o.k. or cool.
Estaca – A cheap person.
Estamos tablas – We are even (debt)!
Estañón sin fondo-A bottomless pit (appetite).
Estar bien parado – To have it made.
Estar cagado – To have bad luck (vulgar).
Estar cagado en plata – To have a lot of money.
Estar como todos los diablos – To be mad.
Estar de buenas – To be in a good mood.
Estar de buenas pulgas – To be in a good mood.
Estar de chicha – To be in a bad mood.
Estar de goma – To have a hangover.
Estar de malas pulgas – To be in a bad mood.
Estar frito – To not have a chance.
Estar hasta el copete – To be fed up with something.
Estar hasta el rabo – To be drunk.
Estar hasta la coronilla – To be fed up with something.
Estar en todas – To be well informed or on top of everything.
Estar hasta el culo – To be drunk on ones ass (vulgar).
Estar hasta la picha – Also to be very drunk (vulgar).
Estar hasta la mecha – To be drunk.
Estar hecho leña – To bed sick, frustrated, or unmotivated.
Estar limpio – To be broke.
Estar que se lo lleva puta – To be angry (vulgar).
Estirar la pata – To die.
¡Estoy varado! – I’m stuck some place!


Facha – Poorly dressed.
Fajarse – To work or study a lot.
Fiebre – A sports fan or fanatic.
Fila – A line where people wait.
Filo – Hunger
Fisgonear- To snoop
Fondillo – A person’s butt.
Forro – A cheat sheet for an exam.
Fregado – Sick, broken or screwed up.
Fregar – To bother
Fregón – A person who bothers people a lot.
Fresco – A nervy or shameless person.
Fría – A beer.
Fuera de onda – A person who is not up to date on things like music, clothing styles, etc.


Gacilla – A safety pin.
Gajo – An old thing or piece of junk.
Gallo pinto – Rice and beans.
Garabato – Scribbling.
Gastar polvo en zopilotes – Waste time on something that is not worthwhile.
Gata – A jack to lift a car.
Gato – A person with blue eyes.
Gato encerrado – More that what meets the eye.
Goma – A hangover.
Greña – Unkept hair.
Guaca – Money.
¡Guacala! – Used to express disgust.
Guachear – To spy, watch or observe.
Guanaco – A person from Guanacaste (disrespectful).
Guaro – Moonshine (illegal liquor).
Güeval – A large amount of something.
Güevazo – A big hit or blow (vulgar).
Güevón – A man (said between men).
Güevonada – A stupid act.
Güila – A little boy or girl.
Guindo – A cliff or ravine.
Guindado – Uninvited person or pest.
Guindo – A cliff or precipice.
Guineo – Male sexual organ (vulgar).


Habladera – A lot of talking.
Hablar en chino – To not understand.
Hablar mierda – To talk a lot of crap (vulgar).
Hacerse el mae – To play dumb.
Hacer ojos – Flirt with.
Hacer Trillo – To make a name for oneself.
Hacerse el ruso – To play dumb.
Harina – Money.
Hasta el rabo – Drunk.
Hasta la mecha – Drunk.
Hecho leña – To be in bad shape.
Hecho mierda – To be in bad shape (vulgar).
Hecho pistola – To be in bad shape.
Hediondo – A jerk or asshole (vulgar).
Hembrón – A pret woman.
Hijo de puta o hijueputa – Pronounced, ee
Hijueputear -To scare or use foul language.
Hocicón – Big mouth (disrespectful).
Hombre pendejo no goza de mujer bonita – A cowardly person won’t get anywhere in life.
Huaquero – Grave robber.
Huelepedos – An ass kisser or servile person (vulgar).
Huevón – A man (vulgar).


Ingenio – A plant where sugar is processed.
Írsele arriba a alguien – To get an advantage over someone.


Jacha – Face.
Jaibo – Stupid person (insult).
Jalado – Dissipated or pale.
Jalarse una torta – To commit an error or get pregnant.
Jalar – To date a person. It also means to go somewhere.
¡Jale! – Hurry up! or Get moving! Soque is also used.
Jama – Food
Jamar – To eat
Jamonear – To bully someone.
Jamonero – Bully
Jarana – A debt
Jareta – Zipper
Jarro – Face
Jartar – To eat.
Jeta – Mouth
Jetonear – To lie
Jetas – Liar
Jetón – Liar
Joder – To bother (vulgar form). Molestar is the correct word.
Jodedera – Constant bothering of a person (vulgar).
Jodido – Difficult, sick, broken, a stubborn or evil person (vulgar).
¡No jodás! – Leave me alone! Stop bothering me (vulgar).
Jugado – An experienced or streetwise person.
Jugar de vivo – Brag or act cool
¡Jueputa! – S.O.B. (vulgar).
Juntado – Shacked up or living with someone.
Jupa – Head.
Jupa de teflón – A forgetful person.
¡Jueputal! – Damn! (vulgar).
Jupón – Big headed or stubborn person.


Kinder – Kindergarten


La cagadera – Diarrhea (vulgar).
La madre – Terrible.
Lance – A sexual conquest
La peni – Prison.
Lapicero – A ball point pen.
Larguirucho – A lanky person.
Lata – A bus.
La tapa del perol – The best of the best.
Leda – Age.
Legal – Acceptable.
Leñazo-A strong blow.
Limpio – Broke.
¡Lo duda! – You said it! You are right!


Llamar a Hugo – To vomit.
Llanta – A spare tire around the waist.
Llevarla suave – To take it easy.
Llevarse puta – To get upset (vulgar).
Llorar a moco tendido – To cry a lot.


Macho – A person with blond hair.
Madrear – To insult a person (vulgar).
¡Mae! – A young man or stupid person.
Maicero – A hick or country person (insult).
Majijo – A person who has a hair lip.
Mal de patria – Homesick.
Mala fama – A bad reputation.
Mala ficha – A bad reputation.
Mamacita – A beautiful woman (vulgar).
Mamar – To flunk a test.
Mamulón – An adult or big person.
¡Manda güevo! – It’s unbelievable (vulgar!). How can it be?
Mandamás – The boss.
Mano suelta – A person who is too generous.
Manudo – A person from the city of Alajuela.
Mañas – Bad habits.
Maricón – Coward
Mariconada – A cowardly act.
Marimba – Teeth.
Matalances – A party proper or kill joy.
Matar la culebra – To waste time.
Me lleva puta – To be angry (vulgar).
Mear fuera del tarro – Not know what you’re talking about (vulgar).
Mecha – Marijuana
Mechudo – Person with uncombed hair.
Medalla – A 50 colón coin.
Media naranja – Your perfect mate or lover.
Media teja – 500 colones (Costa Rican money).
Mentar la madre – Insult a person’s mother.
Mejenga – Informal pick up game of soccer.
Mejenguear – To play an informal game of soccer.
Meter el hombro – To help someone.
Meter la pata – To put your foot in your mouth.
Metiche – A snoopy or nosy person.
Miar – To urinate (vulgar).
Mico – Female organ (vulgar).
Mierdoso – A brat.
Moncha – Hunger
Monchar – To eat or munch.
Molote – A crowd of people.
Montarse en la carreta – To get drunk.
Monte – Marijuana.
Mover el esqueleto – To dance.


¡Ni a palos! – Not for anything in this world.
¡Ni a putas! – Not for anything in this world (vulgar).
Ni mierda – Nothing (vulgar).
¡Ni modo! – Cannot do anything about it.
Ni papa – Nothing.
Ni un cinco – Broke.
No es jugando – Very serious.
No estar en nada – To be in the dark or know anything.
¡No se monte! – Don’t mess with me!
¡No te atraso! – I don’t care what you do!
Nota – A good thing.


¡Ojo! – Be careful!
Olla de carne – Costa Rican dish made of meat and vegetables.
Orinar fuera del tarro – Don’t know what you’re talking about.


Pachanga – A party or blast.
Pachuco – A type of street slang.
Pachucos – Underwear.
Paco – A policeman (insult).
Paja – Lies or B.S.
Pajoso – Someone who speaks a lot of paja or B.S.
Palabrota – A vulgar word.
Palanca – Pull or influence.
Palenque – A thatched hut
Palmarse – To die.
Palo – A tree.
Palo de piso – A mop.
Pancho – Female organ (vulgar).
Panocha – Female genital organ
Papero – A person who lives in Cartago.
Papucho – Good looking man.
Papi – Father or sweetheart.
Paquetear – To deceive
Parte – Traffic or parking ticket.
Pasar raspando – To scrape by on a test.
Patear con los dos – Bisexual (vulgar).
Patear el balde – To kick the bucket or die.
Patriarca – Foot (part of body).
Pega – A pain in the neck.
Pegar el gordo – Win the lottery.
Pelarse el culo – To commit an error or make a fool of oneself (vulgar).
Pegarse una ruleada – To sleep.
Pelar los dientes – To smile.
Pelo de gato – Drizzle
¡Pelo el ojo! – Watch out!
Pelón – A party.
Pellejo – An unattractive woman (insult).
Pelota de gente – A large group of people.
Pendejada – Something of little importance.
Peni – Jail.
Pepiado – In love
Pepita – Female sex organ (vulgar).
Pepiarse – To fall in love.
Perder hasta la casa santa – Lose everything.
Perder un tornillo – To be missing a screw or crazy.
Perico – Cocaine.
Perrear – To chase women (vulgar).
Perra – A loose woman (vulgar).
Perro – Girl crazy man.
Pesado – Obnoxious.
Peso – One colón (Costa Rican Money).
Pescuezo – Neck (part of the body).
Picha – A vulgar term for a penis.
Pichasear – To bat up someone (vulgar).
Pichazal – A large quantity.
Piedra – Crack cocaine.
Piedrero – Crack head (cocaine).
Pierna – A person of influence.
Pijarse – To get high on marijuana.
Pinche – A tight
Pichel – Face or glass pitcher.
Pinga – Male sex organ (vulgar).
Pingüino – A nun (bad taste).
Pinta – A delinquent
Pinta – Appearance.
Pinto – Rice and beans.
Pipa – A smart person or coconut.
Pisar – To have sexual relations (vulgar).
Planchar la oreja – Sleep.
Plátano – A male homosexual (vulgar).
Platanazo – A homosexual (vulgar).
Platero – A money
Playa – A female homosexual (don’t use this word).
Playada – Feminine behavior or a bad experience.
Playo – Male homosexual (don’t use this word).
Polaco – A Jewish person.
Polaquear – To sell from door to door.
Polo – A country person or hick.
Pollo – Beautiful woman.
Polvazal -A lot of dust.
Polvo – Sex act (vulgar).
Polvazo – A person who is good in bed (vulgar).
¡Póngale! – Hurry up!
Ponerlo – To have sex (woman).
Ponerse águila – Pay attention.
Ponerse al hilo – Pay your bills to date.
Ponerse bravo – To get mad.
Ponerse chivo – To get mad.
Ponerse tapis – To get drunk.
Poner como un Chuica – To humiliate.
Por dicha – Fortunately.
Por fa – Please
Porta a mí – Who cares?
Portrero – Pasture
Poza – Swimming hole.
Precarista – A squatter.
Premiada – Pregnant.
Presa – A traffic jam.
Pringar – To splatter.
Profe – A teacher
Pulpería – A small corner grocery store.
Pulsear – To bargain or work hard.
Pulseándola – Working hard.
Pura mierda – Full of crap! (vulgar).
¡Pura vara! – Lies!
¡Pura vida! – Great or fantastic.
Puta – Whore (vulgar).
Puros dieces – Very well.
Putada – A thing (vulgar).
Putica – A Costa Rica whole (vulgar).
Putero – A whore house (vulgar).


¡Qué cáscara! – What nerve!
¡Qué chiva! – How great!
¡Qué color! -How embarrassing!
Quedado – Someone who flunks the school year.
Quedar como un culo – Look like a fool (vulgar).
Quedarse – To flunk in school.
Quedarse como misa – To be silent.
Quedarse en la calle – To go broke.
¡Qué dicha! – Good!
¿Qué es la vara? –
¡Qué madre! – What a drag!
¿Qué me dice? – How’s it going?
¡Qué pelada! – How embarrassing!
¡Qué pereza! – What a drag!
Queque – Something that is easy or as we say “a piece of cake.”
¡Qué rico! – How good (food, woman, etc.)
¡Qué rollo! – What a pity!
¡Qué tirada! – What a problem, pity!
¡Qué torta! – What a mess!
¡Qué va! – No way!
Quitado – A boring person.
Quitarse el tiro – To avoid a responsibility.


Rabo – A person’s rear end.
Regalar – To have a baby.
Rajar – To brag.
Rajón – A bragger.
Rancho – House.
Rancho – Vomit (vulgar).
Rata – A bad person.
Rayar – To pass another car on the street.
Regar bolas – To spread gossip.
Regarse – To have an orgasm (vulgar).
Regar la bola – To spread the word.
Regar las bilis – To get mad or irritated.
Reguero – A mess.
Reputear – To scare (vulgar).
Reventada – A good looking woman.
Ricura – Pleasant.
Robar pasto – Steal someone’s mate.
Roco – An old person.
Rocolo – An old person.
Rocola – A Joke Box.
Rodar – To deceive by stringing along.
Rogelio – A 1000 colón bill.
Rojo – A 1000 colón bill.
Ruco – Horse or pants.
Ruliar – To sleep


Sacarse el clavo – To avenge.
Sacarle el jugo a algo – Take advantage of a situation.
¡Salado! – Tough luck! Person with bad luck.
Salvada – Any action that gets you out of a jam.
Salvar – To get someone out of a jam.
Salveque – A backpack.
Salir aventado – Quickly.
Salvar la tanda – To get out of a jam.
Samueleador – A Peeping Tom.
Samuelear – To spy on.
Sancochar – To steam vegetables.
Sangrón – Bully.
Sapear – To accuse.
Sapo – A tattle tale.
Sátiro – A dirty old man.
Se la juega – Know how to handle or manage something.
Se les da la mano y cogen el codo – Give them an inch and they will take a mile.
Semerendo – Anything that is big.
Ser buena nota – To be a “cool” person.
Ser codo – A cheap person.
Ser como carne y uña – To be good friends.
Ser pipa – To be intelligent.
Serruchar el piso – To back stab someone.
Serrucho – Dog.
Sinvergüenzada – A shameless act.
Sobársela – To masturbate (vulgar).
Soda – A small luncheonette.
Socado – Fast.
Soplarse – To hurry.
¡Soque! – Hurry up!
Sordina – Deaf.
¡Suave! – Take it easy!
Subirse el apellido – To get mad.
Subírsele el humo a la cabeza – Something goes to someone’s head like their success etc.
Subírsele el apellido – To get mad.
Sudar la gota gorda – To work hard.


Tallado – Broke, no money.
Tamaño poco – A lot.
Tanda – A drinking binge.
Tarro – Jail (slang).
Tapia – Deaf.
Tapis – A drink of liquor or to be drunk.
Tarreado – Drunk
Tata – Father.
Te conozco mosco – To know someone well.
Teja – A 100 colón bill.
Tener buena cuchara – To be a good cook.
Tener hasta el copete – To be fed up with something.
Tener la papa en la mano – Have something easy.
Templado – A person who gets sexually aroused easily.
Templarse – Get sexually excited (vulgar).
Tener chicha – To be angry.
Tener chispa – To be intelligent.
Tener todo el güevo – To a have a lot of money.
Tenis – A woman’s beasts (vulgar).
Teresa – A woman’s breast (vulgar).
Tico – A Costa Rican.
Tigra – Laziness.
Tieso – Broke or not having money.
Timba – A fat stomach.
Tiquicia – Costa Rica.
Tiro – Solution.
Tombo – A policeman.
¡Tome chichi! – Take that!
Torcido – Bad luck.
Tortero – A person who gets into a lot of problems or causes them.
Tortillera – A female homosexual (vulgar).
Tortuguismo – A work “slow down”.
Tostado – Drugged or crazy.
Tragársela – To believe a lie.
Trolear – To walk or go on foot.
Tramo – A type of stand used by street vendors.
Trillo – A path
Troles – Your feet.
Trompa – Mouth
Tuanis -A greeting which means “Great,” “Nice” “Fantastic.”
Tucán – A 5000 colón bill.
¡Tumba la vara! – Stop bothering me.
Turistear – To travel.
Tuza – A good for nothing.


Un camote – A weird person.
Un cero a la izquierda – A person who has no ability or a nobody.
Un come mierda – A bad person.
Una libra – Five hundred colones (money).


Vacilón – Fun
Vacilar – To joke or have fun.
Vaina – A thing.
Vara – A thing or object.
Vararse – To have your car break down on you.
Varas – Just kidding
Vararse – To have your car break down.
Veranillo de San Juan – Indian Summer.
Vergazo – A blow or hit. (vulgar).
Vergear – To beat someone (vulgar).
Verla fea – To be in a jam.
Vieja de patio – A gossip.
Viejo verde – A dirty old man
Vieras – You should have seen.
Vino – A “Snoopy” person.
Vinear – To snoop.
Vivazo – An astute or sharp person.
Volar – To fire a person.
Volar pico – To talk
Volar culo – To have sex (vulgar).
Volar pata – To walk.
Volar plomo – To shoot.
Vos – Familiar form used to address people in Costa Rica instead of tú.
Vuelta – An errand.
Vuelto – Change (money) from a transaction.
Vueltón – A long distance or trip.


Wachiman – A guard or watchman.


Ya vengo – I will be right there.
Ya voy – .I will be right there.
¿Idiay? – What is the problem?
Yigüirro – A bird or homosexual (vulgar).
Yodo – Coffee.
Yunta – A couple (people).
Yuyo – A person who bothers you a lot or a pest.


Zaguate – A mutt, street dog or a womanizer.
Zapatero a sus zapatos – Get to work!
Zaradajo – Old clothes or rags.
Zarpe – The last drink or one for the road.
Zocar – To hurry.
Zompopa – A big ant.
Zorra – A lose woman (vulgar).
Zorro – A girl crazy man (vulgar).
Zorrear – To look for women (vulgar)